#Maker Faire 2014. 3D Printed pinkie helmets. 

It’s the first thing *I* am doing when *I* get *MY* 3D printer, y’all…but I really think silver would be more gratifying.

#MakerFaire 2014 — Mouse armour, Mouse samurai, cat armour. All absolutely exquisitely detailed. Why? 

#MakerFaire 2014 — one of the original Mad Geniuses.

#MakerFaire 2014 — The stilted dragon lady stops to chat with the interactive light-up giraffe…yeah, and no drugs were involved in writing that sentence. 

#MakerFaire 2014. This guy gets best in show in my book…he’s from Oakland, he makes the most exquisitely crafted wooden bikes and on top of it all? He is just the NICEST, most encouraging, most interesting and GENEROUS guy on the lot. Spent 15 minutes chatting with my son, telling him a good story, listening to my son’s, encouraging him and all with genuine sincerity and good will. And the bikes? you can’t stop looking. they’re absolutely GORGEOUS!

#MakerFaire 2014 — how high is YOUR five?

#MakerFaire 2014…these guys. The PINNACLE of badass. And turns out — they’re from my town!!!

#MakerFaire 2014. I have no idea what’s going on here, but this guy was sitting very still, while a HUGE F*CKING LIGHT SHOW went on in seizure-making rapidity behind his glasses. I didn’t ask what he was doing…because I wasn’t totally convinced he was still alive. 
I did kinda wish he would’ve stood up after and pulled the glasses off and said, “I know Kung fu”. 

#MakerFaire 2014 — that would be a bugbot driven by a stuffed monkey. Yeah. California, it’s the PLACE to BE!!!

#MakerFaire 2014 It’s a giant flaming horse carriage made from old tires and an electromagnetic snake. 
I need these. The weed police would NEVER bother me again.