My version of Skylar’s bracelet from Breaking Bad. Bead loom. Might do another version brick stitched.

Texas embarrasses the rest of the U.S. Again.

Thank you, Wendy Davis. Why was it a HORROR and a SIN and an UNAMERICAN DISGRACE when President Obama wanted the government to get involved in health care…but when the Texas Senate wants to decide that an unborn and malformed 20-week old fetus is more important than the life of a mother?

#Yet another fucking round of double standards

#religion doesn’t belong in government

#keep your morals out of my body

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Herringbone bezel around a crystal for a button; netting and square stitch for the body. it’s amazingly fun to wear, really sparkly and a little more snug on an adult wrist. It’s slithery, slinky fun. Saw something similar somewhere and did my own interpretation.


I know I mentioned a Worth post but I feel like I’m long overdue to pay homage to one of my favorite things; the ocean. I’ll be posting a mixture of old and new posts to illustrate this theme so I apologize in advance if you recognize some of these. 

Elie Saab Couture Spring Summer 2012

That. Dress! Oh, that dress! That DRESS THAT DRESS THAT DRESS!

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  • Aries: Ultimate Beast
  • Taurus: Stubborn, Awkward Clown
  • Gemini: Obnoxious Twerp
  • Cancer: Oversensitive, Needy Dickhead
  • Leo: Prideful Toolbag
  • Virgo: Neurotic Bitch
  • Libra: Clueless Airhead
  • Scorpio: Possessive Asshole
  • Sagittarius: Apathetic Child
  • Capricorn: Selfish Pessimist
  • Aquarius: Mischevious Maniac
  • Pisces: Lazy Ball of Sadness
  • Possessive asshole? I thought we were just unrepentant sluts.
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Extreme Pets (by Ren Netherland



At this point? All you can do is hope these people don’t have kids.

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Then there’s this. Print yourself, pick an outfit, send it to the one you love. Wait for the restraining order…

OH. My. GOD. I NEED a 3-D printer. Look closely; see what’s BEHIND the stars n’ stripes? This masterpiece was printed on a CubeX Machine and Inhabitat didn’t bother to mention who the MadGenius is who created this astonishing piece. Tsk, tsk, you’d think they’d know better. This is so many kinds of yum, and really shouldn’t travel without credit where it’s due, so if someone knows the name of the artist, let me know.

 Euphony (by Benjamin Ball and Gaston Nogues)

The piece is part of the Ball-Nogues Studio ongoing work that intersects architecture with art. The cascading 28 miles of material, hanging nearly 120 feet high and weighing 3,500 pounds, demands attention in the east concourse of the music center.

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This would’ve had more impact if they let in a class of 1st graders, 3 rabbits, 2 cats and some silly string…

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